Who Am I?

Hector Chadwick is my pen name.

I am, in actual fact, another human called Stephen Long, co-writer of Derren Brown stuff, like Svengali, Apocalypse, The Great Art Robbery, and The Push.

I earn my living by either working on the latest Derren thing, or coming up with trick ideas for TV magic shows, or writing story & dialogue for video games, all of which I do with my excellent friend and colleague, Iain Sharkey.

However—since I don’t earn any kind of income by performing magic any more—these days I consider myself a hobbyist magician. Due to the Derren association, and my book The Mental Mysteries, I’m more known among mentalists, but I adore card magic and am constantly fiddling with cards, or working on an unnecessarily complex sleight.

I hope to someday finish my next book for the magic community, which focuses on originality in the performance of magic, though for now it remains a perpetual work in progress.