Hello and welcome

There are over a billion websites online today and this is mine.

I’ve had a website ever since The Mental Mysteries of Hector Chadwick (Revised Edition) was released to the magic community back in 2008. I always used it to take orders for books and (occasionally) lecture notes, but it’s never been anything more.

At the time I released Mental Mysteries, I didn’t really imagine I would be involved with magic a great deal in the future, purely because my interest was so heavily waning at the time, but I was foolish to assume anything quite so dramatic. As any who have an interest in this field will surely attest, magic gets its hooks in, and—whilst it may lessen its grip on some from time to time—it never fully lets go.

So, although I never expected to, I found myself giving the odd lecture here and there, and producing the odd set of lecture notes to go along with them. The best I can say of these lectures is this: people seemed to enjoy them. With that in mind, for my short talk at The Session, 2017, I deliberately printed more notes than I expected to sell, in order that I might make them a little more available for any interested parties.

And, since you’re here, in this tiny little billionth of the internet, I’m going to assume that you are an interested party.

Hello and indeed welcome.

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