A word on ‘Mental Mysteries’

‘Oi, Hector,’ I hear you cry, ‘I’m glad you’re selling your most excellent Pamphlets™ filled largely with theory, but where’s your book please? Y’know – the one with the tricks in it.’

A fair question. The short answer is: I don’t have any. Or, more accurately I suppose, the short answer is: I have my own copies (one of each edition) and you can’t have one. Or, if you want to get really specific: I have my own copies and five French copies courtesy of C.C. Éditions that I haven’t been able to get rid of. The slightly longer answer follows.

I never intended for the book to be difficult to come by. Aside from the utterly invaluable editing, illustration, and page layout by my friend James Hilston, the project was entirely my own – I funded it and took care of all the logistics myself. Since I was more or less unknown in the magic community at the time, that meant only ordering the book in quantities I felt I would be able to sell (100 at a time) and only ever re-printing once I felt certain I’d be able to break even from the sales.

This, in turn, resulted in some kind of misplaced belief that I promised a ‘limited edition’ and that I was breaking that promise by printing more. (Incidentally, I never promised this and the original website copy was very specific: ‘Hector may print another run if he feels there is sufficient demand’.) Owners of the book (some of them) got increasingly angry with every reprint, whilst those who wanted to own a copy were (I hope) pleased they could obtain one.

Anyway… It feels like enough time has passed that there might be sufficient demand to print more, but I’ve learned a lot since I wrote it and so there’s the odd turn of phrase or presentational gambit in the book that I don’t necessarily agree with anymore. Having said that, there’s still merit, I think, in some of the book’s ideas.

So where does that leave us? Well, whilst the book seems to have maintained a degree of ‘underground’ status that’s satisfying for those who own a copy (and me too, I suppose), that was never really the intended goal. If I’ve contributed anything worthwhile to the world of magic and mentalism, it makes sense for that contribution to be available for others to learn about and, hopefully, build upon.

In summary: Whilst there are no current plans for a re-print, I’d hold off for now on paying extortionate prices for a used copy.

I always feel funny about that.

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